"To be noted first: the soloist Maya Villanueva, with an overwhelming timbre of voice, astonishing power and a very convincing sense of nuance too. The soprano stands out as the star of the evening!" - ResMusica, 2019


"Very committed to painting each nuance of the musical verb, Maya Villanueva's gentle soprano cultivates a hushed program, and even sweet as millimeter. In this double collection, the singer knows how to find the right and sometimes intoxicated inflections in a succession of melodic pearls. The attention to words, the obvious curiosity to express each situation of the poem offer an eloquent vision on Debussyst writing: colorist, atmospheric even, without any mannerism or academic refinement. " - Classiquenews, 2019


"There followed a moment of grace in the gallery, Aude Heurtematte, holder of the instrument, accompanying with all the enveloping delicacy of soft games the soprano Maya Villanueva, invited in extremis to replace Elodie Fonnard in the First Lesson of Darkness for the Wednesday - intense, warmly musical interpretation and fluid eloquence, illuminating with grace the church then very dark and freezing. " - Concertclassic, 2018


"From Night of Stars, we are immersed in a universe of harmonic shimmer to which the voice, at the same time sober and delicate of Maya Villanueva gives its charm without ostentation. Her excellent diction is precious for this repertoire." - ResMusica, 2018


"In a melody like Le Jet d'eau (Baudelaire), which is generally thought to be intended for more full-bodied voices, it shows great confidence and gives its interpretation a mysterious poetic aura that suits this music well literary "- Classica, 2018


"The casting is ideal. Soprano Maya Villanueva sings beautiful highs, for a moving Lis." (Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) - Opéra Magazine, 2018


"The female title role, Lis, is beautifully defended by the soprano Maya Villanueva, with a clear timbre and perfect diction." (Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) -, 2018


"From Maya Villanueva's Lis, emanates a moving lyricism." (Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) - ResMusica, 2018


"Maya Villanueva radiates Lis's despair with her aerial timbre." (Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) -, 2018


"If the articulation of Maya Villanueva's lines in Lis seems more complex, her interpretation is no less impressive. She has an undeniable magnetism on stage and her song remains the most lyrical (and even vocalizing!) of the whole production."(Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) - Classiquenews, 2018


"Maya Villanueva exceptional in the role of Lis. What about the performance, both scenic and vocal, of Maya Villanueva, a surprising Lily, crying out for truth in the body of a woman who suffers from abuse." (Fando et Lis by Benoît Menut, Opéra de Saint Étienne) - Le Progrès, 2018


"The delicious air of the lost needle of Barberine finds in Maya Villanueva a quality interpreter." - L'Est Républicain, 2017


"An enchanting singer with a flexible voice like a creeper, alive with the characters she embodies. We will only appreciate the impeccable diction of Maya Villanueva and the charm with which she permeates these poems in their beautiful flights, with the greatest ease voice." -, 2017


"The melodies are sung by Maya Villanueva with a sparkling voice timbre and great sensitivity. The delightful El mediodia from Las horas de una estancia is extremely touching and wonderfully supported in this beautiful atmosphere by the piano of Romain David. Both carry the expression of Ginastera's sensuality beautifully and give each melody a distinct character. These particular colors make the music expressive and eloquent." - Pizzicato, ***** 2016 (GER)


"Maya Villanueva has a warmth of timbre and a remarkable sense of line but also, no less precious assets, a quality and a speed of diction which allow her to" crunch "- in both senses of the word - miniatures such as Chacarera or Gato. Storyteller as much as singer." - Concertclassic, Album of the week, 2016


"The luscious and well-timed voice of the soprano reflects the jewels of this integral song and piano." - Classiquenews, 2016


"Ginastera, an Argentinian volcanic opus. (...) The rich and luminous voice of Maya Villanueva literally tears up this soundscape" - Ouest France, 2016


"The voice of the soprano Maya Villanueva, with a warm and clear voice, so well posed, lights up the twelve songs in three collections." - Classical music & Co, 2016





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